SMART INFO is a powerful and robust technology that provides all the information regarding the stock market which helps the investors whether to buy or sell the shares and when to do it to mitigate the loses and improve returns.

The information may be available in different forms like fundamental data, technical data, trading statistics, sentiment analysis and global data news lead. Information provided through different websites may be confusing and it may trap the investors. Our SMART INFO does the heavy lifting job for you by integrating all the factors with mathematical and statistical combinations with quant models. With the power of algo trading and artificial neural networks SMART INFO brain storms the information and finally yield you with single point information about stocks. The stock market information we provide help you to know whether you are in a bull market or bear market and what type of bull and bear market it is.

Features of SMART INFO:


We will provide an outlook of all instruments in all segments by using artificial intelligence with data analytics.


Will provide robust information about entire market with technical, fundamental and sentimental factors. These factors are implemented to the derivatives.


Using this feature one can be able to get complete information of quantitative technical breakouts of entire market segments.


By using derivative data, scanners will scan different strategies based on risk/reward and investment.