Smart Board is a combination of trading signals. A trade signal is a trigger for an action to buy or sell of any instrument or combination of instruments of any Segment.

Are you so tired of missing trades or bad advice or entry and exit confusion or in risk manager?

Being a day trader is tough, real tough; there is no time to sit back and relax especially if you want to be successful. Time really is money; the longer it takes to analyze and identify opportunities, the less trades and money you make. Using Smart Board signals, we want you to enjoy your trading experience, while profiting from the opportunities in the markets. As a result, our dedicated team of professionals has developed trading algorithms that delivers top trading signals in real time to the trading room. You no longer need to spend hours analyzing the markets as our reliable algo trading will do the work for you.

To boost your trading experience, Smart Board offers live data streaming, giving you real-time access to the latest market changes in the form of sound alerts, live emails, mobile notifications, pop-ups and signal performance reports etc., With this vital information at your fingertips, you can then adjust the trading features to meet the current market conditions so called trade management system.

Signals Time Frame


Validity: Same day by market closing time


BTST: Buy today sell tomorrow

STBT: Sell today buy tomorrow

Validity: Upto next day by market closing time


Weekly derivative expiry based strategies and trade signals of different segments.

Validity: Friday to Thursday


Monthly derivative expiry based strategies and trade signals of different segments.

Validity: Upto Expiry of the series


Quarterly based trading signals

Validity: Upto 90 days


Based on different data analytics, we will generate equity based signals.